Est. in 1991.

From the office of the president:

Western Leisure Products officially began in 1991, but my roots in the RV industry dates back to 1969. Washing RVs on a lot on weekends, working my way into the shop while still in school. I really enjoyed doing all repairs needed (electrical, plumbing, welding and structural repairs) for RVs that came in for service.

The itch to start my own RV repair shop happened in 1985, specializing in appliance repair. Customers kept asking me if I could convert their water heater to electric operation. The only option at the time was to replace their RV water heater with a 110 volt/ Gas model. The electricity was provided by the RV park. They could keep their propane in the tank.

So after some thought I began sourcing components to test. After numerous tweaks, I had a simple to install kit that filled the need. I installed kits on family & friends RVs to see how they performed before releasing to the public. Results were great, and I have been spreading the word ever since.

Since then we’ve created flushing tools specifically designed for ridding the sediments out of your heater to protect the heat element and tank. Zinc alloy anodes to also protect your tank and heat element from corrosion.

Best Regards,

Dennis Cates